This website is managed by a group of Anzac friends of Anget. It is a forum for all those interested in the history of Campo 57 and its future. The group's first joint venture with Anget was to install a memorial marble panel in the Chapel to honour those destined for the Camp but would never reach it – 155 Anzac lives lost as a result of the torpedoing of the "Nino Bixio". The memorial has since been installed and was unveiled at a ceremony at La Chiesetta on August 17, 2014 by the Australian Ambassador to Italy, Mike Rann, exactly 72 years to the day of the torpedoing.

This successful outcome demonstrates the close collaboration between some of the camp's former "guests”, in particular Anzac POW, and Anget, the "Associazione Nazionale Genieri e Trannsmettori" with their deep mutual respect and shared aims demonstrated by La Chiesetta, built by POW and lovingly restored by Anget as a "sign of Christian brotherhood with the prisoners who built it".

All involved do so on a voluntary basis and understand that the restored Chapel encourages visits to Campo 57 – those who were there, an inevitably dwindling number, but also their friends and family, an ever-increasing number.

The generosity and time given by Anget personnel in guiding visitors through the site is gratefully acknowledged. But we are sure these visitors in no way wish to be a burden to their Italian friends.

To that end, we would ask that any intending visits to the site are done either as a purely independent visit, or if assistance is required in having a more in-depth site visit, that one of two local guides/interpreters be engaged on a commercial basis. They are both fully familiar with the Camp and Chapel, have connections with Anget, and can arrange local accommodation. They can also integrate any visit to the Camp with other local attractions and tours customised to suit your needs. They are Sonia Cos (info @ and Erika Geretti (erika @ Both addresses have a deliberate space inserted either side of the @ to avoid spammers, so please delete these spaces if you are copying the addresses. Both have given permission to be included in the web site and would be delighted to help make your trip to the area both smooth and memorable.


Bill Rudd, OAM, ex VX39694 AIF, "Nino Bixio" survivor.